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March 18,2024

For Immediate Release

Denny's Magic & Fun Shop is changing its name to:

Denny's Magic Showroom

The name change better represents what we do and who we are, according to the new owner, Dennis Alm.

When Dennis purchased the business from Rich Hill in 2022, it was mainly a small magic shop where a magician behind the counter demonstrated beginner magic tricks to the hundreds of daily visitors to the shop. “We quickly added about 300 items to our inventory, but we didn't stop there.”

“We needed to offer a live show.” So after a few months, Dennis started the Comedy Magic Review by adding a small stage, lights, and sound equipment to make the space perfect for a small, intimate show. The small theater can currently seat 15 guests per show.

Dennis took the idea for a small theater from his 18-month residency performance at French Lick Resort Casino. The audience members are just inches away from the magic, so it has to be the best it can be. “I really enjoy getting everyone involved in the show." “Many nights, I know everyone's name in the audience before the show is over.” “I get to make new friends every night." The Saturday Night Show caught on quickly, so Dennis added a Friday Night Show.

Dennis hopes to add a Saturday matinée this summer. The long-term goal is to offer up to five shows every weekend. The reviews are coming in great, so it might not take too long.

I wanted the name of the business to represent that we are a small theater first and a magic and prank shop second. We are already getting requests for private group shows. 

The Magic Shop is open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Friday through Sunday.

Showtimes for the Comedy Magic Review are Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00 p.m.

Tickets are priced at $18 and $20. 

Reserve seats at or (800) 959-6401

Google Reviews

I had the pleasure of attending Denny's Magic Show in Nashville, Indiana, in Brown County, and it was an absolute five-star experience! In a world where entertainment often falls short, Denny's Magic Show was a delightful surprise.

- Steven Hibler

While visiting Nashville I was fortunate enough to discover Denny's Magic and Fun Shop. I came for the gag gifts and wound up staying for the magic show. I had a front row seat and still couldn't figure out how the Amazing Dennis did his tricks. All around a great experience.

-Spooky Bruce

Very neat place to shop and the show was fantastic magic and funny! We had a great time!

-Ellen Scott

Dennis was so wonderful and engaging with the kids! Highly recommended for a magically family fun experience!

-Emily Smith

Go see the magic show. It was SO fun! Most definitely worth it. The shop has a great selection. My husband loves magic so we visit every time we come to Nashville. Tonight we were there in time for the show. We really enjoyed it. My special needs son loved it as well. I wasn’t sure he would notice the magic but he absolutely loved it. All ages would enjoy this. Get your tickets before it’s sold out!

-Jennifer Dehart

We've been to the store, attended the Saturday Magic Show, and my 10 year old does magic lessons with Dennis over Zoom. In the store, my kids asked question after question about items, The staff/magicians were so patient and knowledgeable, demonstrating products they sell and doing fun magic for everyone coming in the store. They had a great range of items for different age and skill levels. The magic show was small and they involved many of the audience members. And I'm so impressed at how well Dennis is able to teach on zoom. They're so friendly and willing to share and teach! I love the atmosphere they've created with their store and their community.

-Megan Hampton

I had a front row seat and still couldn't figure out how the Amazing Dennis did his tricks. All around a great experience.-Seth K.

Really entertaining. Denny did a great job of making us laugh. He was so good that we can not figure out any of his tricks even though we were sitting close in the front row. All ages will like this show. You should take your kids and grandchildren.